Imaging & Indexing Services

Imaging and Indexing Services

iTIVIA’s Imaging & Indexing services comprises of feature rich set of systems & processes to help you serve better while increasing you efficiency substantially.

Our skilled team of executives have a complex understanding of the common issues faced to control voluminous documents & related data. iTIVIA’s streamlined processes allow us to control data from the beginning, making the creation and development of customized document imaging, along with its indexing and hosting, a simplified process for us and for our customers.

Through our customized processing workflows information is captured, indexed, and digitally processed. If a document needs to be retrieved, such systems can be put in place by our in-house KFI. “Findability” is easily managed within the iTIVIA’s system. iTIVIA provides the structure for the integrative data life cycle, and the solution to the process.

Digital imaging/indexing can significantly streamline and accelerate document intensive business processes across your organization.

iTIVIA’s Imaging/Indexing solutions enables you to:

  • Capture a document on a digital form in a customized way
  • Automatically classify, extract and validate captured documents
  • Deliver process-ready digital information instantly to the right people, workflows and systems in a traceable and secure way.