Form Processing

Form Processing

iTIVIA, having more than 20 years of experience in Database related solutions……Now offers high volume forms processing solutions. With a combination of world’s best ICR / OMR applications and internally developed Image View applications, iTIVIA is able to give you an edge over pricing and clock finish turnaround timings.

Service best suited to:

  • Hospital Records Indexing
  • Medical Claims Processing
  • Insurance Application Docket Processing
  • Insurance Claims Processing
  • Educational Institutions – Admission Forms and Pre admission process
  • Education Boards – Pre and Post Examination process
  • Government Records
  • Retail bills & invoices
  • Company Personnel Records Digitization
  • Company Forms Digitization

The Process

With a four-phase process designed and time tested, the Company has delivered over 3 million records to our International Clients and about 5 million records to our Domestic Clients.

Phase – I Requirement Analysis
Experts discuss with end-user to understand requirements. A document is prepared based on requirement and feasibility studies to obtain user approval.

Phase – II Scanning & Recognition (ICR)
The Company is equipped with over 20 scanning workstations. ADF as well as non-ADF scanners are utilized.

Phase – III Review Process
Processed forms are then viewed using internally developed Image View Application. Statistical Quality Check is carried out till the individual operator level before releasing to next stage.

Phase –IV Data Export and Final Output
An output in delimited text (tab delimited or pipe delimited or comma delimited) can be readily imported into any of the application software’s used by individual end user organizations.