These services are required where highly complicated unstructured data in various disoriented formats need to be structured in a cohesive manner for immediate access at any given point of time through the Internet / Intranet. E-books offer the most environmentally appropriate option for dissemination of knowledge.

E-books enable the readers to add bookmarks to pages, enlarge the text and graphics, search for a word or a phrase and add cross-referenced hyperlinks. You can include sound, video, and animation, something that paper books will never have.

We provide service on all web-publishing languages which includes SGML, HTML, XML, XHTML, and by adapting technologies like Adobe Reader, Microsoft Reader, Mobi-pocket, Palm Readers etc we ensure the Universal content reach and flexibility.

We focus on subject categories like Science, Technical and Math (STM) journals and books.

Tagging formats:

  • HTML- Hypertext Mark-up Language
  • XML – Extensible Mark-up Language
  • SGML – Standard Generalized Mark-up Language

SGML (Standard Generalized Mark-up Language)

iTIVIA can prepare your content for delivery via the Internet and for electronic distribution, by converting it to structured electronic formats like XML, SGML, and HTML.

The SGML language allows describing the hierarchical logical structure of a class of textual documents written in a DTD (Document Type Definition). We can create a book DTD or a journal article DTD. HTML (Hypertext Mark-up Language) is the DTD for the structure of Web pages.

SGML is currently used for data creation, data exchange, data storage, indexing, searching and retrieving, printing out and data viewing.

iTIVIA specializes in the implementation and management of large, complex conversion projects for clients whose businesses are heavily dependent on information, such as government agencies, large corporations and online information providers.

Source data formats:

Paper, Image, Quark Express, Adobe Acrobat, PDF Microsoft Word and many others.